Samples of Weapons

Each of our pieces is a perfect replica of an authentic weapon and is manufactured in the some way as the historical originals. All of our weapons are hand made using traditional techniques. The blades of our weapons are forged exclusively from high quality spring steel(Si-Cr steel) and hardened to 50-52 HRC. All of the weapons are fully functional and meet requirements of fencing, i.e. balance, flexibility, hardness and toughness. Our weapons can be treated to give them a patina which gives them an interesting appearance - the same as you can see on weapons that are hundreds of years old.    


  Dagger "kursachsen",
the second part of the 16th
century, Saxony.The handle is
bound with wire.The pommel is
decorated by engraving.

Total length: 470mm
Length of the blade: 325mm
Width of the blade: 24mm
Weight: 440g

Cataloque No. 200034


  Cavalry dagger,
from about the year 1580
Central Europe.The hilt of the dagger
is decorated with engraved motifs.

Total length: 470mm
Length of the blade: 340mm
Width of the blade: 30mm
Weight: 490g

Cataloque No. 2000313

  Spanish dagger,

Beginning of the 17th century,
southern Europe.
The typical left-hand dagger with
the a long quillon.
The quillon is formed with
a triangular shield with the collar
- known as a "rompepuntas".

Total length: 590mm
Length of the blade: 450mm
Width of the blade: 45mm
Weight: 680g

Cataloque No. 200038